Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dry Shampoo....Love it or Hate it??

I discovered dry shampoo about 3 years ago.....I honestly dont know how I lived without it! Its such a time saver! If I wake up in the morning and my fringe looks a bit greasy and mank...I can just spray away and my hair looks like Ive just washed it! Or I can do the same thing if Ive been at work all day and dont have time to wash my hair before a night out! AMAZING!!

I know some people dont like dry shampoo because they think that people are just too lazy to shower etc etc.....but I really do think its a lifesaver sometimes!

I swear by Batiste. Their range of dry shampoo comes in sooo many different scents, and they also do a brilliant 'mini' selection...which are fab for popping in your bag for a weekend away! :)

But today I went shopping to get a few bits and bobs and saw this in Tesco:

They were only £2, and are the same size as the Batiste ones which are around £2.50....so I thought Id give the 'Party Nights' one a go! I will let you know what its like as soon as Ive tried it out! :)

I also bought this:

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends: Split end protection cream.
My hairs been a bit dry recently so I thought Id try this out. I use the beautiful ends shampoo and it smells lovely! :)

Has anyone tried either of these products before??
And whats your opinion on dry shampoo?

Claire Bear

7 things you may not know about me :)

Evening everyone....
The lovely Soph from Style by Sophia awarded me a stylish blogger award the other day <3
This is what you have to do if your tagged:
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  • Share 7 things about you
  • Award the stylish blogger award to some other FABULOUS bloggers :)
Here we go :)
Im going to try and think of interesting things..and not bore you all to death so here goes...

  1. I love art! I did A Level Art and Photography, and I have a pretty varied taste encompassing many different aspects. 

 This is called the Eye of Deathy by Escher...How amazing is it? Look at the detail of the sketch..the reflections...the light...I think its beautiful.
Another of my favourite artists is Banksy...

Its just so intuitive....eyecatching....interesting...varied....thoughtfull.....whats not to like?
I also dabble in a bit of photography myself from time to time:

This one of mine was shown in a local exhibition...and I was in the local paper (looking like a complete mess because Id been out the night before :S Not good! )

2. I work at Tesco....

Ive worked there for about 6 years now....ever since first year of college...and I actually like working there! And its good money too!

3. I love wearing flowers in my hair!!
I wear one almost every day...im not technically supposed to wear them at work....but I do :) They are just so summery and feminine! :)

4. I almost cut my finger off last year...and had to have plastic surgery to reattach it :S (For people who are a bit squimish...i suggest you scroll down very quickly!

This is me just after I got back from day 1 at hospital (the day I cut it)
I was on my own in the flat...and trying to de-stone an avocado when I stabbed through my hand/finger...I rang up my friends who pelted right round and took me up to the local A&E.....after waiting for like 2 hours with a tea-towel wrapped round my hand to stop the bleeding I was seen by a Dr and after looking at my mess of a hand told me I would have to go to Salisbury to see a plastic surgeon...so I had 2 rng my dad and tell him what a muppet Id been and ask him to come a pick me up!
So the next day off I popped for my surgery...and this is what my hand looked like after spending a week in a massive plaster cast! (WARNING LOOK AWAY IF YOU ARE SQUIEMISH!!!)

Gross right....I had to wear a splint on my hand for 8 weeks afterwards...and it hurt like hell! I still dont have much sensation in that finger...slightly wierd!
Dont worry though...I still went out and had fun looking like an idiot!!

But I havnt eaten an Avocado since! :S

5. I have a Westie <3

Shes so cute :)

6. In May I will finish my degree in Childhood Youth and Community Studies at Winchester University

I will miss all my girlies...Ive had some fun times! :) <3

7. I am a little bit mental :P

Yes....this is me....dancing in the showers at a friends 21st! :S Why?? Well why the hell not! Lifes no fun if you cant be crazy with your friends (by the way this is Flo and Soph who tagged me{L-R})

Hope you learnt something interesting about me!
Claire Bear

Thursday, 7 April 2011

How disappointing :(

Hi guys...

I ordered these gorgeous Camel Chino Trousers from Evans last week, as I dont have many pairs of trousers in my closet and thought they looked really nice and they were £18 at the time because there was a 20% of sale!!

I ordered them in a size 22 (UK) because every other pair of trousers I have (inc jeans) are an 18/20/22 so I went for the safe option and thought theyd be fine....however I could barely even get them up over my knees!! :( I thought there must have been a mistake!
So I checked on the label on the inside of the trousers as well as the tag....but they still said they were a 22!
Ive never ordered trousers from Evans before....and if I do so again I will definately have to order a 24/26 :'( Thats quite depressing! Ive bought dresses from them before and only bought a 20! How wierd!

Word to the wise ladies......Evans trousers come up really small!!
Im so disappointed because I loved these trousers! I thought they would be perfect for my holiday! and they would if they had fit!!

Has anyone else had any similar issues??

Claire Bear

Monday, 28 March 2011

My new room! :) and Matalan purchases :D

Hi guys!
Ive moved back home for Easter holiday, and I finally got to see my newly decorated room!
I havnt had my room done for about 10 years, and it was bright pink and purple before so its got a much more grown up feel now! If anyones interested the colours I chose are bot Dulux and are called Mulberry Burst and Soft Truffle (both Matte).
Ive been helping my dad witht the last few bits like putting up my TV and DVD rack etc etc, but its finally nearly there! and I <3 it! :)

(I still havnt finished painiting the hinges on one of the wardrobes as you can tell!)

Its so nice to have my fireplace back! :) Its been covered up for years by my massive shoe rack!! But thats gone now, and once Ive unpacked the last few boxes it will be on view for all to see!

Do you like it??
Sorry some of the pictures look a bit dark but its nearly 10pm! :S

I also popped to Matalan today...this is what I bought:

Flip Flops: £4
You can pick them up here
Strapless Black Dress: £8
I also picked up a really cute necklace in the sale for just £2! However my camera decided to run out of battery so I cant take a photo to show you! Hopefully I will include it in an outfit post soon so you can see!
Everytime I go to Matalan there seems to be a sale on the jewellery.... and I ALWAYS end up buying one or two things :S Its just so cheap..and I think not only their jewellery but their whole range is so on trend.
I went with my bedt friend and her sister (who is also one of my best mates) and she tried on these babies:

How Beautiful are they :D
Yummy <3 I wish I could walk in heels! :(

Ok guys....
What do you think of my room/new purchases?
Id better be off because its really quite late now! :S Nighty Night!
Claire Bear


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Why has this only jus come to my attention???

Morning Everyone!

Has anyone got an American Apparel Circle Scarf?
I was looking on their website earlier and I came across them!
How have I never heard about these before!! They look AMAZING! They come in soooo many colours and they can be worn in so many different ways!

Although they are £25 (pricey for a scarf) if they can double up as tops/dresses/skirts/shawls then I am definately going to save up and get one!!
I love the olive and the grey colours!
The only thing Im slightly concerned about is that I wont have ANY idea about how to turn the scarf into a dress etc!! :S
But would this not be a BRILLIANT thing to take on holiday with you? It saves on the packing because its like 10 things in one! That way you could squeeze a couple of extra pair of shoes or a few more maxi dresses into your suitcase! BONUS!! :D

If anyone has one of these scarves...please let me know if they are worth investing in!

Claire Bear

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Its been one of those days :(

Oh my!! What a day!
  1. I feel absolutely rubbish! :'(
  2. The builders are messing me around and STILL havnt finished
  3. My bronzer broke this morning!!
Not good all in all!
Anyways....This is what Im wearing today:

Yes....they are the same trousers for yesterdays post...but they were sooo comfy I couldnt resist wearing them again!
Trousers: TU @ Sainsbury's
Striped Tee: Tesco
Lace detail Cardigan: Primark

I love this little cardy! Definately one of my better Primark purchases! I wear it all the time!

Im also wearing my E.L.F All over color stick today..I havnt worn it before, but I actually really like it!
Its a kind of Matte colour..with a bit of added sparkle! :)
I LOVE the fact that its not just supposed to be worn on your lips...you can wear it on your cheeks and eyes too!

It also smells yummy!!! (quite citrus-y)
The colour lasted really well too! Its definately worth purchasing! They are an AMAZING price £1.50! and they come in 6 colours..the one Im wearing is Pink Lemonade! You can get yours here!!
The whole E.L.F range is brilliant..you can read my previous post about e.l.f here

The Scores:
Packaging: 7/10
Smell: 8/10
Last-ability: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Would I repurchase: YES!

On a slightly sadder note....my bronzer is completely smashed! :'(

Im very sad!! Its a Lancaster one and I got it from TKMaxx about 3 months ago for about £5...amazing when they retail around £30!!!
Had anyone got any ideas of how I can still keep using it? Every time I open it it goes EVERYWHERE!! :(
I might try and transfer it to something else so I can keep using it because it is lush!
But Im gunna keep my eyes peeled next time I go to TKMaxx to see if I can grab another bargain!

Claire Bear

Monday, 21 March 2011


Its quite sunny today :)
I do however have the builders round fixing the parapit, so they are noisy and stomping round the flat all day! But never mind because I have new trousers on today :D

Here they are:
Black Vest top: Dorothy Perkins
Anchor Print Cardigan: New Look Inspire
Trousers: TU @ Sainsbury's (£16)
Shoes: New Look
Flower Ring: Primark
Earrings: Peacocks (i think??)

I have never really done the whole high waisted trousers tucked in before :/ It kind of leaves me a bit exposed? What do you think?
On the plus side...the trousers are amazingly comfy..they will be brilliant for the summer because they are really light-weight too! :)

This cardigan is one of my favourites! I have a serious *thing* for cardigans! :S But this one is soooo cute :) I bought it a couple of years ago, and its one of the only cardigans that has lasted that long without getting a hole!! (My washing machine likes to chew my clothes)
I like the 3/4 length sleeves...perfect for this time of year. Its also quite thick so it keeps me nice & snug!
I love New Look Inspire...but I would seriously recommend going instore to look around, as I think the New Look website is a bit....well rubbish, the pictures dont do the items justice! And I always think its better to see clothes on a real life model..not a plastic one :/
Check it out here!!!
Its much better to see them im the flesh...they really do have some lovely pieces atm! :D

So what do we think to the trousers ladies and gents??
A Yay...or a Nay??

Claire Bear